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Some Published Photographs to March 2014

First west of the Divide in Montana, and latest fall date for MT, by nearly 2 weeks!

Below, one of several American Redstarts we've seen

Please thank all veteran and active duty military for protecting your right to bird watch

Say's Phoebe at Ventura Cemetery

Below, one of several Townsend's Warblers we've seen

On 20 November 2013, Lark saw below male Anna's hummingbird at our feeder,
bringing to at least 7 the species we have added to Sanders County MT list since March 2008,
including Tufted duck, White-winged dove, Philadelphia vireo, Western scrub-jay,
Black-throated Green Warbler and Swamp sparrow!

Calliope Hummingbird visiting a Leopard Lily with its moth!

Late fall transient White-crowned Sparrow
With our 2nd wintering Harris's Sparrow - latter [a male] present
from 02 Dec 2013 through 02 May 2014

The first reported wintering Myrtle Warbler
in Sanders County Montana!

On 10 November 2005, Lark and I found a Wood Thrush [more images, click underlined] at Waller Park in Santa Maria.
First ever reported in Santa Barbara County, only the 16th for California!

On 06 March 2008, we found a TUFTED DUCK [more images, click underlined] on Bull River, Sanders County
First reported in Montana since 1990, 2nd accepted record by MBRC, first chaseable, and our first ever!

Montana's 2nd Scrub-jay Found Us in October 2010, stayed to May 2011!
Obviously the coastal race!!

Blue and Scrub Jays on Fence, latter on its first day!

Both Jays late April 2011

Both Jays were last seen on 17 May 2011.

Harris' and Golden-crowned Sparrows

Winter 2011-12 was an "irruptive" year for Common Redpolls

Swamp Sparrow in Sanders County MT 23 Sept 2012
about 35th state record

American Tree Sparrow - first wintering at our home
with 30 juncos [OR and SC]

Harris' Hawk - Potentially first for State
found by another birder near Elmo Montana

Harris' Hawk

Solitary Sandpiper

Western Wood-pewee

An amazing fall for birding for us when we found
our first California SCARLET TANAGER . . .

Preceded 3 weeks earlier by this NELSON'S SPARROW
which Lark and I found in Goleta CA on 05 October 2007,
present until the 16th, eaily seen by most who sought it
as it hunted along the face of the dam!

Nelson's Sparrow
[above photo made 09 October 2007]

Which was eclipsed the next day by Hugh Ranson's DUSKY WARBLER!

See here for the Magnolia Warbler that foraged nearby

First-fall Chestnut-sided Warbler at Stow House, Goleta CA-USA

September 2007 adult

ARCTIC TERN and RED KNOT in Santa Barbara County


Field Checklists - feedback requested!

2007 trip to see Curve-billed Thrasher in Montana!

Expanding Nutmeg Mannikin population

Juvenile/first cycle California Gull

One species that LOVES orchards and Arundo donax thickets:

See additional photos here

See MORE here

See more C-c LONGSPUR here

Summer Tanager and allies here

Mystery and/or odd birds

Loons and Grebes

Warbling Vireo - finally found a nest for Santa Clara River
Ventura County California

CBC Rarity found by Curtis Marantz

more of this bird here

See Nutmeg Mannikins here

We find Santa Barbara County's first

See more and a Varied Thrush here

Santa Maria CA Yellow-bellied Sapsucker near Wood Thrush

Probable 6th winter Thick-billed Kingbird in Ventura County

Vermilion Flycatchers

2005 Fall's First County Record of Baikal Teal
and first chaseable one for California

Several Snowy Owls in Northern Rockies, Feb 2006

Fulvous Whistling-Duck in Goleta CA

Kyle Braunger's Surprise December Bird!


Plumbeous Vireo in Goleta CA

Baird's and Semipalmated Sandpipers 2005-2006

Eurasian Wigeon in Goleta CA
Eastern Phoebe in Santa Maria CA
Golden Plovers in California

Bell's Vireo nominate race in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Clapper and other rails in the West


February and August 2005 Northwest Road Trip Birds and Wildlife
[see bottom of this page for other bird group links; NOTE
some of the links need revision, and are blind for now]

Mountain Plover in Goleta CA
Tropical Kingbirds in Goleta CA
Possible Cackling Goose in Goleta CA
Plovers and Sandpipers
Lucy's and Virginia's warblers in Santa Barbara CA

Red Fox in Goleta CA

Purple Martin nests [Summer 2005] in Santa Barbara County

Recent Santa Barbara County sightings 2004-05:
Trumpeter, Tundra, Mute Swans in Goleta CA
Magnolia and Worm-eating warblers in Santa Barbara during Winter 2004-05
Little Blue Heron in Carpinteria CA

Lark finds first in 72 years: Snowy Plover nest in Santa Barbara CA Harbor
in 2005 . . . then, 6 weeks later . . .

Eventually only one of the three - the middle "runt" - survived to fledge by late July 2005

Found in breeding location, Soledad Canyon,upper Santa Clara River [digital, flash]

YELLOW-BILLED LOON (Gavia adamsii)
Goleta Beach Park, Santa Barbara 23 Feb-12 Apr 1982
appeared to be oily, eventually died, now at SBMNH
(very rare; winter) [Kodachrome64, no flash]

REDDISH EGRET (Egretta rufescens)
Bell Canyon estuary, Goleta, Santa Barbara Co, 2001
(rare in west; migrant) [Kodacolor200, no flash]

(Empidonax traillii extimus)
Female near nest on Arundo donax which fledged 1 Fillmore Fish Hatchery, Ventura County
(of 8+ eggs in 3 nests during 2000, 5 were infertile and 2+ were broken by cowbird).
Two females + at least 1 male fledged 6 of 7 nestlings in 2001; none nested there in 2002.
In 2002, 2 of 3 pairs raised 8 chicks at Hedrick Ranch Nature Area
where several solo birds had been found in recent years.
(Endangered in 5-6 states; extremely rare in California;
breeds regularly in Santa Barbara County between
Surf and Buellton, and sporadically in Ventura County
between Fillmore and Saticoy) [Sensia100, flash]

Steven's Park, Santa Barbara, CA

Thousand Oaks, Ventura County CA Wildlife
Visit this page Hill Canyon of Arroyo Conejo

Southwestern Willow Flycatcher 1
Southwestern Willow Flycatcher 2
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Ventura County in spring 2005:
Sora at Fillmore Fish Hatchery
Ventura River Birds

Allen's hummingbird nesting in Montecito, January-February 2003

San Luis Obispo County:
Ash-throated flycatchers nest in pipe

Habitat matters:
Alien plant use by native species!

Palm Warbler, Bohnett Park in Santa Barbara CA


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